Russia won’t recognize NK’s nuclear status: Putin

By Yang Sheng Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/7 0:18:40

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia will not recognize North Korea's nuclear status, but stressed that further sanctions the US wants are useless.

Resolving the North Korean nuclear crisis is impossible with sanctions and pressure alone, Putin said after meeting his South Korean counterpart on Wednesday, reiterating the need for dialogue to achieve progress.

Putin met South Korean President Moon Jae-in on the sidelines of an economic summit in Vladivostok amid mounting international concerns that their shared neighbor plans more weapons tests, possibly a long-range missile launch ahead of a key weekend anniversary, Reuters reported on Wednesday. "Pyongyang's missile and nuclear program is a crude violation of UN Security Council resolutions, undermines the non-proliferation regime and creates a threat to the security of northeastern Asia," Putin said at a joint news conference. Moon said "the Russian president expressed his full support for South Korea's efforts to handle issues related to North Korea," Reuters reported.

However, Putin also said at a press conference on Tuesday at the BRICS Summit 2017 in China that "further sanctions would be useless and ineffective," and that such measures are a "road to nowhere." Putin also said foreign intervention in Iraq and Libya had convinced North Korea that it needs nuclear weapons to survive, and "they will eat grass but will not stop their [nuclear] program as long as they do not feel safe."

"Putin blames the US' previous behavior for scaring Pyongyang and causing the current crisis. So when sanctions and deterrence are useless, the US should engage in dialogue to at least make North Korea feel safe," said Chu Yin, an associate professor at the University of International Relations.

But other countries might have all miscalculated North Korea, Chu said. "Pyongyang's motivation to develop nuclear weapons is to prevent other major powers from controlling North Korea's destiny, so maybe it will not give up even the US promises not to attack it."

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