Travelers turn to Taobao after Beijing’s 5-star hotels caught using dirty sheets in video exposé

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/7 19:38:40

Sales of disposable bathtub liners and other sanitary products have increased on Chinese shopping sites after a video report revealing unchanged bed linens and unscrubbed toilets at some of Beijing's five-star hotels went viral, Beijing Morning Post reported Thursday.

Available on sites like Taobao, the disposable items, such as thick plastic bathtub liners and cotton sleeping bags, are designed for use in hotels, on trains and other environments deemed "unsanitary."

Some customers commented on the site that they had purchased the items in response to the video.

"Sales of disposable toiletries and beddings spiked within two days of the report's release," a vendor of disposable sleeping bags told the paper.

The video, released by independent team Lanmei Test on September 4, investigated the hygienic conditions at 5-star hotel brands in Beijing, including Hilton, Shangri-La, Intercontinental and JW Marriot.

The team used stamps with UV ink to mark sheets, pillow cases and other items in rooms. When they checked into the same rooms the next day, investigators found the stamps still visible.

In a Sina Weibo post Tuesday, the Beijing Tourism Development Committee met with the hotels in response to the video and promised to strengthen supervision.

Beijing Morning Post

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