Hukou ambition drives bad behavior

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/8 5:03:40

Illustration: Peter C.Espina/GT

For many people who want to work in Beijing, a Beijing hukou, or household registration, is an important factor when they decide to join a company or not. After all, for non-natives of Beijing, a Beijing hukou can bring them many benefits including the right for children to receive the same education as the locals do. Recently, a man surnamed Zhang immediately resigned and left his company without consent after it helped him obtain a Beijing hukou. This caused the company much inconvenience. Employees of course have the right to choose to stay or leave a company. But it is immoral to leave without giving due notice immediately after getting the Beijing hukou. Companies need to use the law to protect their rights. Yet what's more effective for companies to keep staff in the long run is to enhance their working environment and conditions of employment so that people would want to stay and contribute.

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