Tourist taken for surprise ride on high-speed train

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/10 18:58:39

An Indonesian tourist who had failed to get off at his stop while on a high-speed train in East China ended up being trapped into traveling 150 kilometers down the line.

The man had intended to get off the train at Nanjing South Station with the rest of his tour group on September 5 when he doubled back to retrieve his luggage.

That's when the train doors snapped shut and the tourist, who was not named, was taken on an unexpected trip to the city of Changzhou - about 150 kilometers south of Nanjing.

The group's Chinese tour guide, along with another Indonesian tourist, called police after noticing he was missing.

"He didn't have a cell and doesn't know any Chinese numbers. We didn't know how to find him," the guide told media.

Railway police contacted train crews and arranged for the tourist to get off at Changzhou and be sent back on the next train.

He arrived back in Nanjing an hour later after the ordeal began.

It was the man's first trip to China and on a high-speed train, Sheng Xulong, a police officer at Nanjing South station, told media.

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