Chinese fugitive's asylum application tests US judicial system

By Liu Lulu Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/10 23:13:39

Guo Wengui, a suspect listed under an Interpol "red notice," is reported to have applied for political asylum in the US. Guo applied for asylum because his public charges against Chinese officials have made him "a political opponent of the Chinese regime," Guo's lawyer Thomas Ragland was quoted as saying. The rumormonger was thrust into the media limelight earlier for his unwarranted charges against Chinese political and business figures.

It has become clear that it is not a political, but a legal issue concerning Guo's allegations. Regarding the charges against the HNA group, the fugitive fabricated stories about corruption based on information he illegally acquired by bribing air traffic control staff and an airline worker, according to the Xinhua News Agency. Guo concocted groundless charges against Chinese officials and businessmen, and deliberately stirred up troubles in Chinese society. Guo fled China in 2014 under suspicion of multiple crimes including fraud, money laundering and rape. Any country under the rule of law will not tolerate or remain hands-off in the face of these illegal acts. Chinese judicial departments will for sure pursue Guo until he is caught.

No country should shelter fugitives like Guo. A number of Chinese people that Guo harassed have already sued him for libel, and are attempting to safeguard their dignity via the US legal system. The libel suits will further reveal Guo's illegal acts, and meanwhile, it is a test of the US judicial system. Accepting Guo's asylum application would be absurd, and may fundamentally shake the reputation of the US judicial system.

"Political asylum" has become a business in the US. Fully aware of the country's political prejudices against China, some American lawyers take advantage of the prejudices to lure potential customers in an attempt to generate lucrative profits. These illegal activities have attracted attention from US federal law enforcement agencies, which had taken actions against a number of law firms in New York City before.

As a billionaire, Guo may be able to buy off American lawyers, but his illegal activities can never be covered up. Even if he obtains asylum and can live in the US, his criminal acts cannot be whitewashed. Chinese judicial departments will not cease efforts to bring Guo to justice. It is only a matter of time before this fugitive from the law is brought back to China.

Guo hopes to find long-term refuge abroad, but he will always live in fear this way.

Newspaper headline: Guo’s asylum application tests US judicial system

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