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Shanghai pet owners turning to traditional

More and more Chinese families are keeping cats and dogs as household pets, and also paying more attention to their pets' health. Like humans, felines and canines also get old and infirm. As such, some local veterinarians have started traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapies such as acupuncture for sick animals so as to relieve their pain and suffering. One pet clinic in Shanghai specializing in TCM rehabilitation has treated more than 2,000 cats and dogs over the past four years.

A pet owner pacifies her dog during treatment at the pet TCM rehabilitation center. Photos: Yang Hui/GT

Sick as a dog

When pets suffer from severe spinal or neurological degradation, their destiny is often death, either natural or being put down by their owners hoping to spare them any further pain. But TCM veterinarians now offer a third option for pet owners.

Fifty-three-year-old veterinarian Jin Rishan told local media that their clients are increasing along with Shanghai's rising number of pets. His TCM acupuncture treatment rehabilitation center has reached its maximum daily capacity at around 20 pets per day.

According to Jin, pet dogs tend to suffer from back injuries or spinal degeneration that are quite hard to cure. They eventually lose the ability to walk. The species of dogs that most suffer from such injuries include Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Basset Hounds and Shih Tzus.

Approximately 70 percent of all pets at Jin's clinic suffer from disc herniation, which can cause paralysis in an animal's hind legs. To treat them, the vet inserts acupuncture needles into their most problematic places. Other pets receive hyperthermia therapy to relieve the pain.

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Jin Rishan inserts acupuncture needles into a dog.


A dog receives treatment.


Jin Rishan gives treatment to a ferocious dog in headgear.


A dog owner pacifies her pet during treatment.


A dog paralyzed in its hind legs awaits treatment.


A dog in treatment


Moxibustion therapy tools


Moxibustion therapy tools



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