BJU launches storytelling activity for Beijing Marathon fans

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/11 18:23:39

The official health service partner of the Beijing Marathon, leading local international health service provider Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) has launched a storytelling activity, asking fitness enthusiasts to write a true story about their experience participating in marathons. A selection of the submitted stories will be posted on the BJU's official WeChat account, and the authors of the top 10 most liked stories will be awarded free entry into the upcoming Beijing Marathon on September 17. The following are some of the stories.

Running enriches my life

By Tong Gang

I guess there are two kinds of people reading this article. The first one loves running, and the second one wants to run but lacks motivation.

Here, I would like to encourage people who fall into the second category with my own experience. I believe that once you find out "why" you do certain things, the "how" will readily solve itself.

The reason I started running is very simple. I was inspired by people I knew. In 2012, 18 of my colleagues signed up for the Beijing Marathon, and all of them finished the competition. I was so inspired that in the spring of 2013 I decided to join a group that runs in the Olympic Forest Park every Saturday. I finished my first marathon in October of that year. I was so thrilled that I could not help wondering whether I was dreaming.

Why do I love running? First of all, I think that running can make people happy. When you are running, you will be so focused that you forget everything else. Also, running is a challenge. You will always get tired, but once you have reached your goal, the fulfillment you feel will outrank everything else.

I read a book which said that the human body is designed for running. We are very good at long distance running, and the act of running itself can bring us pure pleasure.

Running enriches your life and marks every step you take. Growing older makes us numb toward many things. Running is a way to be close to nature. I run in the Olympic Forest Park every day, and I get to feel the changing of the seasons there, which is absolutely wonderful.

Running also allows you to meet a lot of interesting people and share in the life experience of others.

When I'm 50, my son will be 18. I dream of running with him in a marathon and sprinting to the finish line hand-in-hand.

Tong Gang shows off his gold medal after a marathon in Beijing Photo: Courtesy of Tong Gang


Proud to be a marathon first-aider

By Li Xiaoqi

I have been a runner for more than 30 years. I finished my first marathon in Zhangjiakou in 2014. Like others, I am kind of addicted to competing in marathons. I ran several more half and full marathons that year, and I did lots of other sports as well. Due to over exercise and unscientific training, I suffered badly from a lumbar disc herniation in 2015 and had to stop running for a year.

Not being able to do the sport you love is one of the most miserable things in the world, so I worked really hard on my rehabilitation. Luckily, I was well enough to run again in 2016, so I immediately signed up for several marathons that year.

However, as time went by, I grew less interested in the exquisite medals and experiences I got from competing in marathons and switched my focus to helping other runners compete.

In 2017, I got a certificate in first aid from the Beijing Red Cross Society. With it, I can be a first-aider in marathons.

There are always runners who volunteer to be first-aiders during marathons. They participate as individual runners and keep an eye out for other runners who may encounter difficulty during the race. I'm honored to say that I have served as a first-aider five times so far.

In a 10-kilometer competition held at the Beijing Garden Expo recently, a runner fell two kilometers away from the finish line due to the heat and humidity that day. Several first-aiders and I stopped running and immediately offered assistance.

We used cold towels to cover him, kept him out of the sun and cooled him down with fans. When the ambulance arrived, we helped to transfer him to it. At that very moment, I was very proud of who I was.

Recently, I took part in the He Yajun Lead-the-blind Running Activity. I led blind runners with my healthy body, and I am ready to help anyone as much as I can.

We should all run in a scientific, safe and healthy way. This is my story, and I hope I will not miss the greatest marathon in China this year - the Beijing Marathon.

Li Xiaoqi shows his medal Photo: Courtesy of Li Xiaoqi


I challenge myself with every step

By Xiao Yuanhong

Sometimes I think I'm kind of an awesome guy because I am a marathon runner.

Initially, I ran to work out. But, gradually, I started to enjoy the feeling of forgetting myself, breaking a sweat and the sourness of my calves. When I became a runner, I discovered that challenge and self-discipline are the two things that matter most.

I began in 2013 and started running in marathons with my friends in 2016. When I first started, I took a break after a jogging 800 meters or two rounds. But soon I could do four rounds, then 10 and 20 rounds. After that, I knew I wouldn't stop anymore.

I began running to work out, but now I can finish a full marathon. Everything is possible when you are running.

I am now obsessed with running. I have completed eight full marathons since October 2016, beating my personal best every time.

Running is also a chance to challenge oneself, talk to oneself and adjust oneself. If I am in a bad mood, I go running. Everything becomes just fine after I break a sweat.

More people are running now, and I can see that they are happy. The runners know what it is to have faith in their lives, a faith to run on the road with no destination in sight and climb a mountain with no view of the peak.

In fact, life is like a marathon. You might see beautiful scenery along the way, or you might miss some. There might not even be anyone cheering for you. But at the end of the day, what motivates you to keep running comes from deep within your heart. It's the faith you have had all along.

Xiao Yuanhong runs during a marathon Photo: Courtesy of Xiao Yuanhong



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