Restaurant helps employee seeking love with free wedding banquet offer

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/11 19:38:39

A hot pot restaurant in Chongqing is offering a wedding banquet on the house to whoever marries its lovelorn employee, Chengdu Evening News reported last Sunday.

The eligible bachelorette, surnamed Li, has worked as floor manager at the Yubei disctrict restaurant for a year.

Li, 42, said she hadn't had much luck in love since her divorce.

"I've tried dating sites," Li said, "and it's even more difficult now that I am working away from my hometown."

The restaurant's owner, surnamed Xia (pseudonym), decided it was time to cook something up to help Li find love.

Xia had a giant poster made for the restaurant, complete with Li's photo, detailing the tasty proposal: The restaurant will host a free wedding banquet for Li and her chosen partner and a lifetime discount to the matchmaker.

"If you eventually are chosen as the groom, our restaurant will offer you a free wedding banquet," the poster reads, "and those who help in the matchmaking will get 12-percent off meals at the restaurant for life," it continues.

Xia reassured that the poster was not an opportunity to grab attention.

"This is definitely not an ad," said Xia, "Li and I are close friends and we really want to help her."

So far several suitors have answered the ad, but "none of them were right," Xia said.

Chengdu Evening News

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