Blockade aims to force Qatar into ‘trusteeship’

Source:AFP Published: 2017/9/11 23:23:41

Qatar's foreign minister on Monday slammed the "illegal" blockade against his country, insisting it was aimed at forcing it into a "state of trusteeship.­"

Speaking before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani decried the "illegal siege which clearly violates international laws."

Qatar has been hit by a land and air embargo imposed by Saudi Arabia and its allies, who cut ties with Doha on June 5 accusing it of backing extremist groups.

But Al-Thani insisted that "it is no secret that the real motives behind the siege and the severing of diplomatic relations with the state of Qatar were not aimed at fighting terrorism."

"But rather an attempt to force Qatar into a state of trusteeship to interfere in its foreign policy, to undermine its sovereignty and to interfere in its domestic policy."

Qatar "cannot tolerate this situation," he said.

His comments came after Saudi Arabia vowed Sunday to keep pressuring Qatar until demands by the bloc of Arab states had been met, dampening hopes for a US-mediated resolution to their diplomatic crisis.

The bloc's demands include Doha ending its alleged support for extremists, closing a Turkish military base and downgrading ties with Tehran.

The Saudi move came just two days after US President Donald Trump spoke with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in a bid to mediate.

Trump said he believed the dispute between Riyadh and Doha, both key US allies, could be solved "fairly easily."

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