School gives its female teachers fashion lessons

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/12 19:08:40

A primary school in Wuhan is literally giving teachers makeup lessons.

Sanjiaohu Primary School is holding workshops to help staff be more conservative in their cosmetics and fashion in the hopes it will reinforce healthier perceptions of beauty among students.

"Wearing light make-up makes me feel more confident. I want to learn how to put together outfits because our school has a strict dress code," said Cai Wenjing, a physical education teacher.

Students are noticing the teachers' makeovers. "They look friendlier," said one student. "I feel like I can talk to her more," said another.

Apparently male teachers at the school were not offered a similar program.

School officials said that the program hopes to show students the effect of proper attire in the modern workplace.

"Teachers need to keep up with the times, not only in their profession but also in personal appearance" said Zhu Fengjiang, headmaster at the school.

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