Irish AIB bank loses customers' personal data

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/9/12 23:11:00

Printouts containing names, loan and deposit balances, account turnover and annual fees, were lost by a bank staff member at the end of August, according to an Irish commercial bank on Tuesday.

In a statement to affected customers, Allied Irish Banks (AIB) said a staff member had "mislaid" the data when travelling between two branches in west Ireland's County Galway.

AIB is one of the "big four" commercial banks in Ireland and offers both personal and corporate banking services.

In the statement, AIB said it had taken every possible step to locate the lost data, but it had not been retrieved.

However, the bank said customers' addresses or other details were not included in the lost data.

In February 2009, the Irish government announced a massive rescue package for AIB, as its bad loan losses soared following the collapse of a domestic real-estate bubble.

In June this year, the bank returned to the main stock markets in Dublin and London with a market value of 11.94 billion euros (14.28 billion US dollars). (1 euro = 1.19 US dollars)

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