Tencent Mind Summit

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/13 18:23:39

GroupM showcases digital tech at Shanghai exhibition

The "10ading a Smart Future" 2017 Tencent Mind Summit was recently held inside the Shanghai Expo Center. Scott Brinker, concept founder of MarTech, and senior management from Tencent and GroupM gathered to discuss "convergence" and "breakthrough," two key topics marketers are facing in an era of explosive IP emergence, technology iteration and the rise of artificial intelligence.

This year marks the 10th annual Tencent Mind Summit and the 10th year since the founding of GroupM China.

During this decade, both sides have witnessed the growth of digital marketing in China, moving with the times, riding the winds of marketing and forging classic best practices for brand owners.

During these 10 years, both companies have also been at the forefront in the growth of digital marketing in China, helping marketers to innovate and develop best practices for reaching consumers in digital media.

GroupM used its "Tech at Heart" theme to present a diverse range of products and concepts that have technology as their core, encompassing focused customer insights, a redefinition of interaction with target audience and making use of technology at any time for brand communication.

They took the opportunity to call upon participants to join its "Brand Safety Initiative" to build a more transparent and secure digital marketing environment. Initially launched in 2016, [m]PLATFORM integrates data and technology assets from GroupM's investments from the past decade.

This audience intelligence and activation platform delivers personalized advertising at scale. At the core of [m]PLATFORM is its robust and unified consumer ID. The ID integrates consumer data from various channels and data sources, providing a comprehensive view of consumers in a target audience so brands may develop a deep understanding of customers and prospects.

Multi-dimensional experiences

[m]PLATFORM is not only an influx of cutting edge technologies, it is also a global service platform that brings together a world-class team of technologists, scientists, analysts and media experts to ensure that clients are able to have consistent media delivery strategies across all markets.

It enables GroupM agencies and brands to target individual consumers by using its unique and detailed customer insights to formulate strategies. The rapid development of new technologies has changed the traditional way of communication. Consumers demand a multi-dimensional experience, not simple interaction and passive viewing.

Combining new technology tools with moving creatives, mLab is committed to creating real consumer experiences with multi-dimensional perspectives drawing on sight, sound and touch, thus making brand communication vivid and human. Focused on technology and innovation, mLab provides GroupM's staff and clients with a physical space where the latest digital technologies, products and applications can be accessed and understood.

At the summit, mLab showcased several self-developed products, including mobile cross-screen collaboration and cross-screen AI interaction, as well as MR, a hybrid technology mixing the reality and the virtual world. Going back to the nature of communication itself, the infinite possibilities for interaction were deeply favored by the audience on site, ranging from "single screen enjoyment" to "multi-screen entertainment."

Source: GroupM

A man experiences MR.


An exhibitor communicates with visitors.

Visitors test out advanced technology at the event on Tuesday. Photos: Courtesy of GroupM



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