Harbin No.3 High School holds TEDx forum

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/15 12:38:39

Students and guests during the TEDx Harbin No.3 High School Photo: Courtesy of Harbin No.3 High School

The Harbin No. 3 High School held a TEDx forum themed "blooming" in its administrative hall on August 21, attracting many students and their parents. World-renowned intelligent transportation expert Wang Yinhai, Australian psychologist Shen Yi, and young US film director Chen Jianying gave speeches during the forum.

Third-year student Jiang Zhuowen organized the event. His classmate Tan Anni served as the co-organizer and the school's vice president Wu Xia was their mentor. The activity was approved by the TED General Assembly in the US.

Professor Wang Yinhai gives a speech. Photo: Courtesy of Harbin No.3 High School

TED is a world-famous nonprofit organization that invites innovators and practitioners at the forefront of their industry to share their ideas in 18-minute speeches. Celebrities including David Cameron, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates have spoken at TED events. TEDx, which is an offshoot of TED, was created to allow communities around the world to organize and host their own events using the TED format.

According to He Lingui, the Communist Youth League secretary at the Harbin No.3 High School, the school is the only high school qualified to put on TEDx forums in Northeast China. It has been holding TEDx forums for three years.

Jiang is the founder and first president of the school's Students Teaching Union. He is also the president of the school's American Debate Club and the vice president of the school's news center. He is a TEDx license holder is because of his excellent academic achievement, unique understanding of giving speeches and wealth of experience in supporting educational activities.

Jiang Zhuowen Photo: Courtesy of Harbin No.3 High School

Students of Harbin No.3 High School Photo: Courtesy of Harbin No.3 High School

The union aims to help students who have the ability to learn but lack adequate assistance. It provides video lessons online, and its members have visited many middle schools in Harbin, helping nearly 10,000 students to date. Many students the students they help tutor show a marked increase in their academic performance.

In March, Jiang's teaching experience helped him stand out among thousands of other applicants for a TEDx license. During the interview, when he was asked how he understands TEDx, he said, "TEDx should create a platform for thoughts blooming and ideals bursting out."

He invited the three guests to deliver speeches on the theme of "blooming," including ideas on enhancing life in the future and the science and technology of the future.

"This TEDx was like brainstorming exercise for the speakers, but it was ideas blooming for the audience," Jiang said.

Students of Harbin No.3 High School Photo: Courtesy of Harbin No.3 High School



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