11-year-old boy mows White House lawn

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/9/17 14:07:25

An 11-year-old boy has fulfilled his wish after putting his landscaping skills to good use in mowing the Rose Garden at the White House on Friday.

Frank Giaccio, from Falls Church, US state of Virginia, was invited to mow the lawn outside the Oval Office after the White House accepted his offer to show off his grass-clipping skills.

Giaccio was wearing goggles, a red shirt, khaki shorts, and work gloves when trimming the garden with a red-and-black power mower Friday morning, accompanied by park service workers and his father.

The boy was so focused that he didn't even notice when US President Donald Trump showed up later to check out his work.

Trump gave Giaccio high-fives, pats on his back, and told the boy he was doing a "great job" before the young White House lawn cutter continued his service.

"This is Frank, he's going to be very famous," Trump said as he introduced Giaccio to reporters. "He's going to be a Navy SEAL one day."

Giaccio offered to mow the White House lawn in a letter, which was shared by press secretary Sarah Huckbee Sanders at a press briefing last month.

She confirmed Wednesday the boy would work with the groundkeeping crew to landscape the Rose Garden.

After finishing his job, Giaccio, along with his father, was invited by the president into the Oval Office. They also met Vice President Mike Pence and were shown the White House press briefing room.

In his letter to the White House, Giaccio said he has started his own business and been mowing his neighbors' lawn for some time.

The young entrepreneur normally charges eight US dollars per lawn but he did it free of charge for the White House.


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