No hope for HK pro-independence stir

By Wendy Min Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/17 22:23:39

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It is naïve to believe that the Umbrella Movement represents the voice of the majority and is fully self-funded. The movement doesn't represent the thoughts and sentiments of the majority of Hongkongers. I am not at all surprised that some students have once again made me realize how much common sense they lack and how unrealistic they are when it comes to fighting for Hong Kong's independence.

Some sympathizers are making heroes out of these pro-democracy supporters. But, truth to be told, they are nothing but a bunch of cowards and hypocrites.

I am an avid supporter of freedom of speech. But it is unfair to deny others this very basic right when their views are at odds with yours. Going by that logic, if the pro-independence students have the right to put up posters, mainland students should enjoy the similar privilege of tearing them down.

Victim playing and finding excuses border on juvenile delinquency. To make matters worse, partisan global media coverage has drowned out voices of reason and common sense. Democracy and freedom of speech have been used as aggressive weapons of mass brainwashing instead of being applied as effective tools for dialogue and tolerance. 

Hong Kong's tryst with "democracy" is a laughable scripted drama that has degenerated into a dumb charade. It may descend into greater chaos. My prescription to cure the ills is a one-point agenda: don't just Occupy Central but the whole of Hong Kong. Go ahead and destroy the city. Hate speech mongers have no space in a civil society. The pro-democracy supporters are a disgrace. They have scant regard for the hard-working Hongkongers, who are deeply appreciative of the mainland's benevolence. Hong Kong Police Force, a celebrated and decorated lot, is bearing the brunt of these bloody and mindless protests.

The latest poster drama is an insult to the hallowed universities, a seat for higher learning where dialogues are encouraged and nurtured in a rational and respectful manner. Universities cannot be hijacked to start revolutions. Universities cannot become breeding ground for quasi-political parties where violence can be unleashed and perpetrators are allowed to go scot-free.

Universities don't need student leaders and union bodies who are hypocrites and only excel at finding excuses to push their own agenda.

Why should universities fund mini "political parties?"

I have a terse response to the President of Education University's Student Union Ms Lala Lai Hiu-ching's statement ("Although the nature of the message is highly controversial, it does not mean the school can take this as an opportunity to restrict freedom of speech … If any student is punished for making any ethically controversial remarks, we believe that students will become more afraid of expressing their own opinions ... and even indirectly lead to 'white terror' on campus.")… Are you living in a La La Land?

Freedom of speech, democracy and human rights cannot be used as a shield to propagate inflammatory activities. It sickens me no end that some students use state resources to the hilt and yet turn out to be nincompoops. Do they have any shame when they storm offices, mock someone's death, threaten their dissenters and yell insults such as "chee-na?" Have they forgotten history and the sacrifices that their ancestors made during the colonial era and the resistance they had put up against the Japanese occupation? Is this a simple case of civil disobedience? Of course not!

It is a complete defiance of the rule of law and respect for other citizens. 

By constantly challenging Hong Kong's status as an inalienable part of the People's Republic of China, it is an insult to the island city's Basic Law.

Hong Kong doesn't have room for fascist agitators and heartless hypocrites. Pussyfooting is a sign of weakness and leniency would fuel similar protests in the future.

Public order needs to be restored at all cost. Cowards are crossing all limits and we must make them accountable for their unreasonable demands. Weakness offers morons an excuse to justify their stance and "fight." Enough is enough.

The author is a freelance writer. She was born in China, raised in Australia, educated in China, Australia and France.

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