Tsinghua’s swim test makes waves

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/18 19:48:39

A total of 445 incoming students to Beijing's prestigious Tsinghua University volunteered to be first to take the school's reinstated swim test in nearly a century.

The controversial policy states that if students can't swim 50 meters by the end of four years, they cannot graduate.

While 91.5 percent passed the exam, Liu Bo, director of Tsinghua's physical education department, said the statistic far from reflects the remaining 3,700 in the freshman class.

"Those who can already swim are more willingly to volunteer to take the test [early]. There will not be a high pass rate overall."

Liu said that according to a survey by his department, around half of the new students currently can't swim. 

First instituted in 1917 at the school, the swim requirement was repealed due to lack of facilities and increased enrollment. Qiu Yong, Tsinghua's president, announced the revived policy in March. 

Swim classes are offered at Tsinghua to help train for the test, something that is welcomed by the student body.


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