Electronic line calls

Source:Agencies Published: 2017/9/18 22:18:39

Line judges face an uncertain future after the ATP announced that they will be replaced by "electronic line calls" at this year's inaugural Next Gen ­Finals in Milan.

For the first time at an ATP event, the chair umpire will be the only official on court, with "Hawk-Eye Live" technology used to judge whether shots are in or out.

Decisions will be final with players unable to challenge calls as they do at most tournaments via Hawk-Eye playback.

Marginal calls will, however, still be accompanied by a visualization on video screens around the stadium. Foot faults, usually called by judges positioned in line with the baseline, will be determined by a "review official" who will monitor the feet of servers via cameras.

The Next Gen ATP Finals in November will be contested by the top eight players aged 21 and under.

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