Myanmar allocates additional fund to upgrade border fence in northern state with Bangladesh

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/9/19 11:15:40

Myanmar government has allocated an additional fund of 20 billion kyats (14.7 million US dollars) to urgently repair the damaged portion of the border fence with Bangladesh and build it into an upgraded and secured one, said a press release of the President's Office late Monday.

For 2017-18 fiscal year, more than 8 billion kyats had been permitted for the undertakings.

Moreover, Myanmar government has also assigned the Construction Ministry to urgently build the Mayu mountain range road network consisting of two main roads running parallel to and going across the mountain range to ensure the border security as well as that in Maungtaw region.

The incumbent government formed a central committee for the implementation of peace and development in northern Rakhine state on May 30, 2016 with State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi as chairperson.

Myanmar authorities said last week that it will upgrade its border fence with Bangladesh by extending the coverage and patching some damaged vents for security purpose.

U Zaw Htay, director-general of the President Office, disclosed that some vents were found along the border and over 64 km of fence are needed to be enclosed.

The over 270 km Myanmar-Bangladesh border fence construction project started in 2009 during the previous government with an approved fund of 190 billion kyats in total for the last nine fiscal years.

The border fence project is leaving 67 km of the length yet to be completed.


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