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By Qi Xijia Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/19 18:13:39

Fourth Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment celebrated in Shanghai

The fourth Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment kicked off in Shanghai on Saturday. This year the theme is devoted to urban change. Lasting through October 18, there will be more than 30 programs offered in 15 cities across China covering architecture exhibition, photography, lectures, round tables and film screenings to illustrate major environmental issues in an accessible way.

Jean-Maurice Ripert, the French Ambassador to China, said in his opening speech that following the announcement of America's decision to pull out of the Paris agreement, France set about initiating a series of projects that underline a commitment to fight against climate change.

"In this context, China, a leading player at the Paris Conference, is an essential partner of France," he said.

French photographer Anais Martane, wife of Chinese actor Liu Ye, also attended the opening ceremony as the patron of the festival and shared her various environmental practices with the audience.

Born in Nice of southern France, her involvement in environmental protection began with her connection to the sea. While scuba diving with Liu, she witnessed deterioration in the ocean and became aware of what is happening to the environment.

"Seven years ago we came face to face to some leopard sharks; a few years later they have completely disappeared," she said. "The Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment is an essential part of reaching out to a large number of people to explain what is at stake and how to take action."

Some highlighted programs in Shanghai included The Cardboard City, a participative construction installation. Local residents are invited to build a new "city" with visual artist Olivier Grossetete using cardboard and tape. Grossetete has specialized in construction cardboard since 2002. Under his guidance, more than 60 ephemeral cities have been erected by participants all over the world.

French director Jean-Michel Vecchiet will also be on tour in Shanghai in October to give lectures on urban development of the city. His film Shanghai, Memory of Pierre offers a cinematographic exploration of changes taking place in Shanghai, Suzhou and Nanjing from 1994 to 1997.

Axel Cruau (second from right), Consul General of France in Shanghai, chats with attendees at the event.

Jean-Maurice Ripert, the French Ambassador to China, delivers a speech at the event Saturday.

Attendees pose at the event Saturday. Photos: Courtesy of Consulate General of France in Shanghai




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