Woman skips out on restaurant bill because she ‘wears Adidas’

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/19 20:13:40

Shocking video footage of a Liaoning Province woman shows her refusing to pay her restaurant bill and assaulting a waiter.

However, the unidentified woman literally shows her stripes when she shared her reason for skipping the check by shouting, "I wear Adidas!"

The woman had racked up a 186 yuan bill at the Sichuanese eatery in the city of Fuxin when an employee, ready to close up for the night, approached her with the bill, Pear Video reported on Sunday.

The woman refused to pay, hitting the table numerous times.

She vacillated back and forth between belligerence and bargaining. "I can write you an IOU and leave my fingerprint on it," she said, adding "Are you hiring?"

Employees admit they were at a loss. "This is the first time we've seen her at the restaurant, and we gave her all she ordered," an employee said. "Then she said she has no money."

When a male restaurant employee off-camera threatens to call police, the woman makes her way for the door.

"Go somewhere else for more free meals," an employee shouted, prompting the woman to turn around and push him.

She then justified her behavior by pointing to the brand's emblem on her top.

"I wear Adidas," she shouted and left the establishment.

Pear Video

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