Monterey Park in Californian listed top three to live in US

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/9/20 8:10:40

Monterey Park, a small city of Los Angeles county, was designated as the 3rd best place to live in America of 2017 by Money Magazine.

The ranking, released by the magazine Monday, was evaluated from the aspects of healthy economy, affordable house and high quality of life. The Fishers City of Indiana is on the top of the list, and Allen of Texas was the second.

Monterey Park is part of a cluster of cities locate in San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles region, with most of residents being Asian Americans. According to the 2010 Census, the city has a total population of 60,000 and nearly half of its residents are Chinese descents.

"I am not surprise about it, since we have the spectacular views, high quality of education and a lot of recreational parks here. But I think the most important is we have diversity of residents with multicultural environment," Teresa Sebastian, the mayor of Monterey Park told Xinhua Tuesday. "I am very glad we got this laurel, and we will make more effort to make the city even better."

Monterey Park, located 8 miles (13 kilometers) east of downtown Los Angeles, is one of the largest concentration of Chinese Americans in the United States. The Chinese restaurants can be seen everywhere in the city, so that Chinese people from every corner of Los Angeles would drive to the hillside suburban city to taste their hometown's cuisine on weekends.

"When we moved here, we only consider it's convenient to go to the Chinese supermarket and eat Chinese food. For the Asians, it's much easier to live here than other areas, since you don't have to know a lot of English, and you can find any food of your hometown here," Ziyuan Gao, who has lived in Monterey Park for five years, said.


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