Ads, drones and stars? Fans spend millions celebrating teen idol’s birthday

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/20 16:08:39

For fans of Chinese teen idol Wang Junkai, spending millions of dollars on giant ads through crowdsourcing is becoming a birthday tradition.

Much like last year, the TF Boys member saw his 18th birthday on Thursday heralded on giant ads in cities worldwide: an LED screen in Leicester Square, London; 66 bus lines in Milan, as well as 60 screens in the city's Malpensa Airport; ad space on 5,000 screens in cinemas across China.

This year, however, some fans are literally seeking to give Wang the stars in the sky.

K-Boss, a fan site dedicated to Wang, said Thursday it "registered" 18 stars in honor of the TF Boys member's 18th birthday.

Their positions in the sky line up to form the pop star's initials, "WJK." The fan site added they had sent Wang a 200,000 yuan ($30,400) telescope to view them.

Astronomers, however, are bringing these star struck fans back to Earth.

"Asteroids and comets can be named after those who discover them. Those are the only two types of celestial bodies that can be named," Zhu Jin, head of the Beijing Planetarium, told

While there are many online companies that offer to register a star in the sky to individuals for a fee (usually around $15), none of them are official.

"Such names bought from commercial enterprises have no formal or official validity whatsoever," reads the website of International Astronomical Union.

Though the stars may not belong to Wang, something else in the sky did on Thursday when the fan site shelled out 1.1 million yuan for an 18-drone aerial show in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province, Qilu Evening News reported.

Wang has now become a freshman of the Beijing Film Academy this month.

Global Times

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