Foreign celebrities tour Heilongjiang Province

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/21 14:53:39

Foreign celebrities during the trip Photo: Courtesy of Li Lina

A group of foreign celebrities from more than 10 countries, including Russia, Italy and the UK, visited Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China from September 2 to 5.

Among them were a former ambassador to China, a famous political commentator, an EU adviser, a vice president of a press association, journalists and TV anchors. They were invited by the Information Office of the Government of Heilongjiang Province and China Radio International.

The celebrities visited Daoli district, the Harbin Economic-Technological Development Zone and Harbin No.3 High School during the four-day trip. They gained a deeper understanding of Heilongjiang Province's equipment manufacturing industry, education system and tourism industry.

Foreign celebrities at the Harbin No.3 High School Photo: Courtesy of Li Lina

The celebrities visited Cloud Valley, a high-tech park and HIT Robot Group where they saw dozens of robots and many products designed by the group. They were especially impressed by the group's digital manufacturing shop.

"Building the Longjiang Silk Road Economic Belt will bring Russia and China closer, so Russia welcomes the initiative very much," said Russian political commentator and sinologist Yury Tavrovskiy. "I believe that during the construction of the Longjiang Silk Road Economic Belt, Russia will gain great development together with China."

Foreign celebrities visits HIT Robot Group Photo: Courtesy of Li Lina

The group also visited the Harbin No.3 High School, a key high school which has about 100 years of history. Wang Mingwei, the head of the school, took the group on a tour of the facility. Besides academic studying, students are encouraged to develop their own interests and learn more from social activities. Wang also said that the school has built friendships with tens of schools overseas and mutual visits and communication has greatly benefited the students and made their vision more international.

After the trip, all the celebrities said that they would do their best to promote the friendship and cooperation between their home countries and China.


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