Beijing uni outraged after event promising ‘5-minute girlfriends’ with QR code scan held on campus

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/21 20:13:39

A week after authorities shut down a "girlfriend sharing" app that offered sex dolls delivered to your door, another app seems to already be riding its coattails into notoriety.

Students at Beijing Jiaotong University (BJU) were invited to participate in what was promoted as a shared "campus beauty" event on campus, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

The school immediately condemned the event, held to promote an app, calling it a publicity stunt and claiming the organizers did not have school permission, media reported. 

The event at noon Wednesday involved 15 women dressed in cliché schoolgirl uniforms, each with a QR code pinned to their shirts, photos showed.

Men were invited to scan the code, which according to organizers would allow them five minutes as boyfriend and girlfriend, the paper reported.

"Hello, single guys, get a campus beauty to be your girlfriend for five minutes. Just scan the QR code and follow the instructions," read a banner at the event.

Photos show a line of male students waiting for a chance to participate.

Students at BJU said the activity was a publicity stunt for a social media app, and the women involved were not students at the school.

"There weren't many people and most of the participants were paid plants," a student from BJU who saw the event told the paper, adding the event ended after 30 minutes. 

School officials identified the company behind the event as Beijing Yiweide Culture Media Co, which specializes in campus events promoting mobile games and apps, according to its website.

In a message posted on its official Sina Weibo account that evening, BJU said the event was unapproved by the school and the organizers had gained access to the campus through dealing directly with property management. 

"The entire school is expressing outrage over the incident," read the school's Weibo post, which also threatened to take legal action against the company.

Beijing Youth Daily

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