Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/21 20:13:40

Knockoff VS shows send the wrong message

As a woman who is not in good physical shape, I don't usually enjoy watching women on the catwalk (Not quite the same, September 18). 

So, I have avoided watching Victoria's Secret (VS) Fashion Show for ages. The women's staggeringly long legs hurt my eyes.

But what hurt my eyes even worse was the knockoff VS shows in Chinese shopping malls.

Had I not watched the VS show in 2016, I might have continued believing that the VS catwalk was like those in China's shopping malls: unflattering designs and testosterone in the air.

For me, the wings mean more than a beautiful crown for the models, they mean professionalism, self-esteem and self-respect.

Were the "knockoff angels" sexy? Indeed. But I don't see how such fashion shows promote girl power or self-respect among women.

People love the VS angels not only because they promote one of the world's most famous underwear brands but also because they present how women should be: confident, healthy and sexy.

Victoria Fan, by e-mail

Life according to one's own plan

It is very common to see the so-called "expat bubble" in China and other countries across the world (Are you in or not? September 15).

Back when I was working in Brazil, I definitely preferred staying within the Chinese community a lot more, even though I speak Portuguese well.

I also shopped at Chinese supermarkets and dined at Chinese restaurants. I had Brazilian friends, but I did not keep them as close as the Chinese ones.

I think it's human nature to bond with anything you are familiar with because uncertainty has always been the biggest enemy in the evolution process.

Human beings are social animals, yet they do not always want to be too "social" in a foreign country.

One can also blame cultural differences or even homesickness when an individual refuses to integrate into a stranger's community.

However, in the end, speaking for myself, I would say it is simply that people would always choose the simpler way when facing problems, be they big or small.

But maybe such a phenomenon is not to be judged because it shows how varied and inclusive our society can be.

It suggests that one can choose his own way of life and circle of friends, and live a happy life according to his own plan.

Andre Wong, by e-mail


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