Peru inks deals worth $138m at Asia Fruit Logistica

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/22 16:58:39

A buyer talks to a Peruvian business owner at the fair. Photo: Courtesy of Mint 


Peru's pavilion at the Asia Fruit Logistica 2017 Photo: Courtesy of Mint

The Peruvian delegation signed business deals worth $138 million in sales orders at Asia Fruit Logistica 2017, a three-day trade fair that concluded on September 8 in Hong Kong.

"The achievement shows the tremendous success of Peruvian produce at Asia Fruit Logistica, as well as the general popularity of the Super Foods Peru brand among all the international buyers," said Luis Torres, the director of exports on the Peru Promotional Committee for Exports and Tourism. A total of 70 companies from Peru's fruit and vegetable sector attended the event.

Super Foods Peru is a campaign that the Peruvian government launched to brand the country's image as a territory of Super Foods to further boost its agricultural exports in the Asian market. The campaign was officially launched during the trade fair.

The term Super Foods refers to some of the most popular Peruvian agricultural products, such as cranberries, avocados, citrus fruits, mangoes, bananas, pomegranates, asparagus and ginger.

"Peru believes that our produce has a huge health benefit for consumers because Peru has an exceptional geography and weather condition that give our produce a special advantage in nutrition," explained Torres.

It was Peru's 10th year participating in the Asia Fruit Logistica. The past decade saw China become one of the most important export destinations for Peruvian fresh produce and agricultural products. In 2016, Peruvian exports of fruit and vegetables to China stood at $62 million, a 20 percent increase compared to that of 2015.

"China is a strategic partner of Peru in the long term," said Torres.

To further develop the Chinese market, Peru is set to open a new trade office in Hong Kong in the last quarter of 2017. This new office will strengthen the commercial presence that Peru already enjoys in China with offices in Shanghai and Beijing.

"We understand that we can increase our fruit export to China through expanding the market in Hong Kong," he said.

China's promising e-commerce business also poses potential opportunities for Peru to sell more of its produce to China.

"We know that the use of e-commerce platforms in China is amazing. Currently, we are designing alliance strategies with different Chinese companies to improve our export," he said.

Isebella Falco, the communications and country image director of Peru, said the Super Foods Peru campaign is the first step in letting more people around the world learn about Peru.

"When people eat the fruits, it leads them to become interested in the country," she said. "We also want to develop tourism, increase foreign trade and attract international investments."


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