Man tired of stairs installs illegal elevator in walkup

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/24 18:48:40

A Chongqing man tired of huffing it up the stairs of his six-story walkup apartment decided he'd install a shortcut - a private elevator that only stops at his floor.

However, local authorities have called the glass enclosed elevator illegal and are investigating the case, Sina Video reported.

A relative of the elevator's owner, surnamed Xiong, explained it was installed last year.

We live on the top floor,"said Xiong. "[My son-in-law] was tired of climbing stairs."

Tongliang district building authorities said that no paperwork or plans had been submitted for the elevator, which is now considered an illegal structure.

"We're sending people down to inspect the site and we'll deal with the issue according to protocol," said Zhou Yunxu, a local building inspector.

Private elevators illegally installed into old buildings are not uncommon in Chinese apartment complexes. 

In 2015, a Zhejiang Province man had a similar elevator built to save his aging parents from climbing five flights of stairs.

Sina Video

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