Chinese firms to enjoy priority in Syria reconstruction: Ambassador

By Bai Tiantian Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/24 23:37:51

Chinese firms to enjoy priority in reconstruction: Ambassador

Syria's ambassador to Beijing, Imad Moustapha, has said that the threat of the ISIL (Islamic State) will be completely eradicated within a month or two, and that Chinese enterprises will be given priority in the country's reconstruction.

The ambassador, who was interviewed by the Global Times over the phone on Sunday, added that Syria will not wait till the end of every battle to start reconstruction.

"Most of the conflicts in Syria are now taking place in the northeastern border area, far from major Syrian cities and economic hubs," he said, and, "In the last two months we've recaptured most of the major oil fields. We believe that by the end of next month, 100 percent of oil and gas fields will be under Syrian government control."

He went on to note that Syria's rebuilding priorities are electricity, the energy sector and housing, but also major infrastructure and that the government has compiled a list of top priority projects.

"Chinese companies will have priority in applying for such projects in comparison to some companies from other parts of the world because China stood with us during this conflict. Chinese companies are more welcome than, say, Western companies and will find a very friendly environment in Syria. Syrian people as well as the Syrian government are grateful for China's position," the ambassador concluded.

He also noted that Syria has completely revised and updated its investment law to attract foreign investment and that this is at the final stage and it will be published soon.

As for the difficulties in getting foreign exchange because of Western sanctions, one solution could be to conduct transactions in Chinese Renminbi. In this, there are ongoing negotiations with Chinese financial institutions, he said, but declined to go into detail.

Newspaper headline: Chinese firms to enjoy priority in reconstruction: Ambassador

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