Chinese instructors train Cuban volunteers in disaster relief

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/9/25 14:21:40

A group of specialists from the Red Cross Society of China arrived in Havana on Sunday to train a group of Cuban volunteers in disaster relief, after Hurricane Irma struck the island country.

The Chinese experts shared theoretical knowledge and did a practical demonstration about how to deploy camp tents for the displaced.

Li Qinghua, the deputy director of the disaster-relief department of the Red Cross Society of China, told Xinhua that China is willing to assist Cuban people in the distribution of first-aid materials and train volunteers.

Members of the Cuban Red Cross said such exchanges are highly significant as they can greatly help increase their operational knowledge of disaster relief.

Luis Enrique Calero, the director of operations of the Cuban Red Cross, explained that the Chinese trainers were focusing on the deployment of 12-square-meter tents which each can shelter five people.

"This is also a gesture of solidarity between the two countries," said Calero.

On Friday, a plane from China arrived in Cuba carrying 86 tons of humanitarian aid, including tents, electronics, cushions, water dispensers, lighting, and blankets.

Six ships loaded with rice will also arrive in Cuba from China next month.

Irma, the strongest hurricane ever registered in the Atlantic, killed at least 10 people in Cuba, displaced 1.7 million, and caused widespread flooding and extensive damage to infrastructure, including hotels and the power grids.

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