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By Kathy De Leye Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/25 14:23:39

I participated in an Elite Challenge race in Dapeng, Shenzhen on Sunday, September 17. We, my husband and I and another team member, went to Dapeng on Saturday evening. We got up at 5 am and went to the starting point.

At 7 am, we started the challenge with kayaking and swimming. My husband and I kayaked, and our other teammate swam. We had to get something and bring it back. We were the first to finish!

It was a great victory, but nothing compared to what we had to do next.

Afterward, we had to run 7 kilometers with 5 kilograms on our shoulders. We walked the entire activity to conserve our energy for the trail into the mountains.

The mountain trail was tough. It was more than 33 C outside, and we ran out of water after one hour.

The trail was 13 kilometers, but because we were so thirsty, we moved quite slowly. After three hours, we finally found water. It was the tastiest water we ever had! We drank, filled our containers and felt really good. I can't describe in words how heavenly it was to have water at that moment. Water really is life.

After only half an hour, we ran out of water again. The trail was long, and the sun was just too bright and hot. When we finally got out of the mountains, after about 7 hours, there was a checkpoint where they gave us water and food.

I drank another liter and ate some food. We then had to run another 8 kilometers, but we were all tired. So, we just walked fast and kept hydrated.

Finally, we came to some "fun" activities, like climbing over a wall and crawling under barbed wire. But we were so tired that we couldn't really enjoy it. We crossed the finish line in less than 11 hours.

We got a medal and were proud that we completed the challenge. It was tough, but overall, I enjoyed it. I plan to do more of such activities in the future.

We have to keep on improving ourselves. This challenge showed me what my body could do. I now know my weak areas and can train to get better.
I just want to tell everyone that you can do it!

Two years ago, I couldn't even run 5 kilometers. Now, I run marathons and do challenges like the one I just described. You can shape yourself into whatever you want to become!

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