S.Korea to repeal previous gov't's labor guidelines on easier firing

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/9/25 15:08:20

The South Korean government under President Moon Jae-in decided Monday to repeal the previous government's labor guidelines that allow companies to fire workers in an easier way.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor held a meeting with heads of 47 agencies affiliated with the ministry, making the decision to scrap the two labor regulations introduced in January last year under the government of impeached President Park Geun-hye.

The abolished regulations aimed to allow business owners to dismiss employees who yield poor performance, while enabling companies to introduce rules deemed disadvantageous to employees without consent of the majority of the labor union or workers.

The Federation of Korean Trade Unions, one of the two major South Korean umbrella labor groups, announced its withdrawal on Jan. 22 of last year from the tripartite dialogue panel with the government and businesses in protest against the labor regulations.

The federation has picked the abolition of the labor guidelines as a prerequisite for its return to the tripartite panel to discuss issues on wage and labor conditions.

President Moon, who took office in May, had promised on his campaign trail to scrap the labor regulations. Moon has repeatedly said his government would put top priority on creating decent jobs.


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