Pedestrians pull SUV off injured Minhang woman

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/25 17:53:40

An out-of-control SUV drove over a female pedestrian, trapping her under the large car at Humin Road near Wanyuan Road in Minhang district Saturday morning.

The accident happened near a bus stop outside Bailian Nanfang Shopping Mall, when a bus pulled over and a passing SUV somehow lost control and drove into a no-cars lane. A woman who failed to jump out of the way was run over by the SUV.

Approximately 10 passersby rushed to her rescue and, together, lifted the SUV off of her, Xinmin Evening News reported Monday.

Traffic police and emergency departments received distressed calls immediately after the accident. The woman was seriously injured and taken to a nearby hospital.

Reports say the SUV was a new vehicle without any license plates.

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