China and Estonia extend bilateral cultural exchange program

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/26 12:08:39

The Chinese Minister of Culture Luo Shugang and Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of Culture Paavo Nõgene signed the Cultural Exchange Program 2018-2022 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on September 22. The existence of the exchange program is based on the continuous cultural collaboration between China and Estonia. 

The first cultural and educational exchange program between the two countries was signed in 1993. The renewed 2018-2022 program was signed during the third China-CEEC Cultural Cooperation Forum in Hangzhou where the Estonian delegation was invited to by Luo. 

Nõgene who commented that renewing the exchange program brings new aspects to the China-Estonia collaboration.

"For example, the program includes an article on cultural experts' visits to China, art and dance camps and forums. This article was initiated by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and these programs are mostly funded by China, and Estonia is highly interested in participating in projects like that," said Nõgene. 

The cultural collaboration between China and Estonia has increased significantly during recent years. Estonian Minister of Culture Indrek Saar met his Chinese colleague in 2016, and the collaboration possibilities in the fields of creative industry, intangible cultural heritage and youth exchange were all discussed.

 Nõgene said that China's interest in collaboration with Estonia is natural since the interest in European culture has greatly increased.

"Estonia has the chance to introduce outstanding creative groups to China. Thanks to our collaboration program, Eesti Kontsert (an Estonian concert organization company) will sign a cooperation plan with Shanghai Arts Festival, one of the most important arts festivals in Asia. The exchange works both ways; Shanghai Opera House will perform at the Saaremaa Opera Festival next year, which would not be possible without a diplomatic collaboration agreement. China and the greater Asian region are very attractive, and everyone is seeking for possibilities to work with institutions here," said Nõgene.

Estonia has signed 50 cultural collaboration programs with countries all over the world. In addition, Estonia participates in more than 15 international organizations, forums and cooperation programs.

This article is offered by the Estonian Ministry of Culture

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