First Chinese company to list in the Netherlands

By Zhang Liang Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/27 19:38:39


With the coming of the 45th anniversary of the ambassadorial level diplomatic relations between China and the Netherlands, Hong Kong-based Haotian International Holding Group announced on September 21 (Europe time) at a press conference in The Hague that the company will get listed in the country in order to accelerate its investment in Europe.

Mao Yi, Chairman of the group, also said at the conference that the company will establish its first European branch in Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, through which the firm aims to cover all the other European countries, offering healthy food to its customers in Europe.

Mao illustrated the group's strategic planning and outlook for the next ten years. "The coming ten years  to 2026 will be the golden year for Haotian's development. Led by industrial investment, finance and green industry, the enterprise will develop into a modern and international leading corporate group characterized by the coordinated development of industry and finance and some diversification by 2026.

It's expected that the group's total production valuation will surpass 1 trillion yuan ($150.7 billion), with the sales volume of individual business segments at around 300 billion yuan. The tax revenue paid to the Chinese central government is estimated to reach 12 billion yuan," Mao said.

With the goal of becoming a global corporation, it's always Haotian's belief and mission to put clients' interests first, he said.

Under the requirement of Global Times reporter, Mao also introduced the company's plan of introducing its high-end "Power Hao" series into European market. "It's undoubted that the Europeans have passion for sports, of whom the Netherland people coming top. Under this background, we come up with the idea of introducing our high-quality sports drinks to Europe. And I firmly believe our drinks can provide power for the European people," he said.

"As it is our plan, we will firstly make our products accord with European standards, then we will carry out promotion and seek cooperation with major European dealers. Finally, we hope to cover all of the European countries with the help of the friendly relationship between the two countries and the Netherlands' role as the gateway of China's Belt and Road imitative as well its advantageous position in Europe," he noted.

Talking about getting listed in the Netherlands, Mao remarked that European capital market has a long history, and the first stock exchange in the world was set up in Amsterdam. The soft power and facility of European capital market have become very mature and regulated, with the banks, securities firms, accounting firms and law firms full of experienced talents, he said.

What we think highly of is the European capital market's regularity, Mao said, noting that any company with flaws can't get listed here. Therefore, investors will trust us more if we get listed in the stock exchange in Amsterdam and as a Chinese brand, it is Haotian's dream to expand its products into international arena, according to Mao.

We sincerely hope Haotian can successfully get listed in the Netherlands!


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