Weibo eyes 1,000 users to report improper online content

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/27 21:23:39

Weibo, China's version of Twitter, is recruiting 1,000 users to inspect improper content on its platform, the company said on Wednesday.

The move comes after the Cyberspace Administration of Beijing fined Weibo for failing to properly manage its platform.

The cyberspace administrator said on its WeChat that some Weibo users had posted information and comments which incited ethnic hatred and spread pornography.

The new mechanism, which features more public participation, was launched under the guidance of Beijing's cyberspace administration.

Weibo said the 1,000 recruits will be in charge of detecting and reporting pornographic, illegal and harmful content to its administrator to help the company more effectively deal with improper content.

Weibo will train the new recruits both online and offline, and will require each of them to report at least 200 obscene, illegal and harmful pieces of information a month.

Those who meet the requirement will be rewarded and given Weibo membership. Inspectors who report the largest amount of harmful information will get iPhones, domestically made phones or laptops, among others, Weibo said.

Some Weibo users have expressed willingness to apply for the job, saying they have already reported harmful information to Weibo. Others doubt whether their reports will affect celebrities and other influential figures spreading improper information.

In a special crackdown from July 24 to September 14 led by Chinese regulators, Weibo had deleted and handled more than 730,000 items online with pornographic or obscene content.

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