Not only China but also the US, North Korea should comply with UN resolutions

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/29 20:33:27

China's commerce ministry announced on Thursday that China will close joint ventures (JVs) or cooperative and foreign entities established by North Korean organizations or individuals in China within 120 days of the adoption of Resolution 2375 by the UN Security Council. 

Overseas Chinese JVs and entities cooperating with North Korean entities and individuals will also be closed in line with the resolution, the ministry announced in a statement. 

The move is regarded as the toughest sanction ever adopted by China. While a majority of observers see China's latest move in a positive light, some critics are surprised at China's move or believe that China has not done enough.   

China has adopted more severe measures against North Korea because UN Security Council Resolution 2375 is the harshest ever against North Korea. The decision by the Ministry of Commerce shows that China is strictly carrying out the UN Security Council resolutions. Beijing's previous sanctions against North Korea were not as harsh as the new measures but still in strict compliance as UN sanctions continue to upgrade.              

Whether it is countries imposing separate unilateral sanctions beyond the scope of the original UN resolution framework or it is countries failing to implement the UN resolution, this is breaking the conditions of the UN resolution. The former incompliance is no more decent than the latter. The UN resolutions should be the only gauge in terms of sanctions against North Korea. We should oppose the practice of relaxing or tightening sanctions.  

The statement by the Ministry of Commerce strictly honors the UN resolution and correctly reflects China's public opinion. North Korea's six nuclear tests threaten northeastern China, outraging Chinese society. The Chinese government supports tighter UN sanctions against North Korea. This support shows Beijing's resolve in opposing North Korea's possession of nuclear weapons. 

But Beijing should only implement the UN Security Council resolutions and should not engage in unilateral sanctions like the US, South Korea and Japan. China should not join in the conspiracy to "totally destroy" North Korea through radical sanctions and should not take the initiative in worsening relations with the North. This is in line with mainstream Chinese public opinion. 

Pyongyang is acting against the entire international community by possessing nuclear weapons. If Pyongyang insists on pursuing its nuclear ambitions, the international community's resolve will be undaunted. 

There appear to be two trains of thought in the international community regarding denuclearization of the peninsula: Crush North Korea or talk to North Korea so as to increase its sense of security. China and Russia hold the latter view. Pyongyang should value the sincerity that China and Russia have shown to protect its security interests. The US, South Korea and Japan should respect China and Russia's down-to-earth attitude toward North Korea's nuclear issue and act in concert with China and Russia.           

The majority of North Korea's foreign trade has been cut off as a result of sanctions. But North Korea can still import some oil from China. With the support of China and Russia, some humanitarian supplies and materials are exempted from sanctions. It is hoped that the good will of China and Russia to North Korea and its people can obtain a rational response from Pyongyang.

The UN Security Council is not only an international stronghold for opposing Pyongyang's possession of nuclear weapons but also a buffer that prevents the US taking more radical measures against Pyongyang. Both the US and North Korea should respect the UN. Only in this way will there be hope for a peaceful solution to the North Korean nuclear issue.   

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