Zambia security agencies raid notorious suburb in capital, arrests 134 people

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/9/30 14:01:43

A combined team of Zambian security agencies on Friday raided a sprawling suburb in Lusaka, the county's capital known for drugs and other criminal activities and arrested 134 people.

The raid on Chibolya, a sprawling shanty compound a few kilometers west of the city's central business district, was conducted in the early hours of Friday in an operation done to curb the illegal activities and restore sanity in the area.

The area is known for daring criminal activities such as openly selling of drugs.

During the operation, 134 people were arrested, out of whom 42 were for drug-related offenses, 87 were for immigration-related offenses and four for general crimes such as possession of property suspected to have been stolen, the security agencies said in a joint statement.

It added that all the suspects were currently in custody although the quantity of the seized drugs was yet to be established.

"We wish to warn all those who are fond of engaging themselves in criminal activities with impunity that the long arm of the law will catch up with them," the statement added.

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