Student’s suicide attempt over teen idol a rumor

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/10/9 19:13:39

A college in Southwest China refuted claims that a student who was injured on campus Sunday was an attempted suicide motivated by obsession over a teen idol.

The male student is recovering at Ninth People's Hospital of Chongqing after he fell from a building on the campus of Southwest University (SWU), the school posted Sunday on Sina Weibo.  

However, rumors circulated on Sina Weibo immediately following the incident, claiming the victim was a female student who had attempted to kill herself while distraught over teen idol Lu Han.

The 27-year-old singer and actor literally broke the Internet on Sunday after announcing he was in a relationship.

In the Weibo post, SWU said the victim was a student at another school and was on campus visiting friends, calling the fall an "accident." 

SWU denied the student was a female fan of Lu Han, calling the claim as "gravely misinformed."

Sina Weibo servers temporarily crashed around noon Sunday after Lu publically announced his relationship to an actress and sophomore at Beijing Film Academy.

The post received over 4 million likes and 1 million comments within 24 hours.

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