ID required for package deliveries

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/10/11 23:08:40

Regulations on sending or receiving goods handled by delivery companies in China have gotten tighter recently, as some of the deliverers demand that the recipient show some form of identification.

According to some employees of SF Express and Sto Express, two of China's leading delivery companies, they now have stricter requirements on their deliveries, with real-name verification becoming a necessity, Beijing Business Today reported.

An employee of a media company in Beijing told the Global Times that she had to show her ID card to send an intra-city express package in Beijing Wednesday.

She added that she was told that packages sent from Beijing also had to undergo a "security check."

Meanwhile, many of China's e-commerce platforms are reminding their customers of items that cannot be shipped., an e-commerce imported baby and maternity product supplier, is notifying its customers that all packages to or through Beijing will experience a delay because of tighter security checks implemented since Friday.

There might also be delays on packages that go to or transit other regions, including Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, added

The website has also suspended deliveries of liquid, powder, or glue substances, until October 26. 

Yao Jianfang, an analyst from China's E-commerce Research Center told the Beijing Business Today that e-commerce sites and delivery companies won't be affected much by the short-term adjustment, adding that the delay might pose more opportunity for physical stores.

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