Simulation of hostage crisis in focus of EUFOR-led peace support exercise in BiH

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/10/13 20:53:52

Simulation of a hostage crisis was in the focus of the EUFOR-led peace support operation exercise "Quick Response 2017" on Friday morning at the Sarajevo International Airport (SIA).

The exercise scenario anticipates the entry of terrorists into the SIA with the intent to execute a terrorist act. Members of the Border Police neutralize terrorists, but hostages and EUFOR members are being wounded. They receive emergency medical assistance and will be transferred by helicopters to a medical facility.

After the exercise, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)'s Security Minister Dragan Mektic said that BiH demonstrated the capacity to respond quickly and efficiently to every attempt of security threat.

"This was a realistic exercise. We send a message that we have the capacity, strength and ultimately the determination to prevent any attempt of security breaches anywhere in BiH, "Mektic pointed out.

"This exercise has shown us and will show us, because it will last until tomorrow night, the excellent cooperation of BiH law enforcement agencies and EUFOR," Commander EUFOR Major General Anton Waldner said at the press conference.

The main aim of the exercise was to keep the airport fully operational in cases of emergency and unrest.

"Quick Response 2017" is a EUFOR-led peace support operation exercise on Oct. 11-15. Apart from the SIA, the exercise will be held at Pazaric, a city some 30 km to the southwest of the capital Sarajevo and Kalinovik, some 60 km to the south.

This is the first time that BiH law enforcement agencies, BiH Armed Forces and EUFOR carry out an exercise together to test their contingency plans.

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