Sun Yang defends master’s thesis on Sun Yang

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/10/15 20:13:39

Chinese swimmer Sun Yang is in the spotlight once again, this time for the subject of his master's thesis - his own gold winning performance at the Olympic Games in Rio.

Sun defended his thesis, titled "An analysis on the skills of the Men's 200m freestyle champion at the 31st Olympics," at Soochow University (SU) in East China's Jiangsu Province yesterday.

The thesis focused on his own experience of winning gold in the Men's 200m freestyle at the 2016 Summer Games.

Sun earned China's first gold at the Games with a time of 1:44.65.

Sun is currently enrolled at SU's School of Physical Education, where he majors in physical education and training.

"He was a diligent student and often had discussions with the professors," said Wang Jiahong, professor and Sun's thesis advisor.

Many applauded Sun's thesis topic. "He is definitely entitled to research his own success," commented user "benchilaohuoguo." "He is the most brilliant swimmer in China, after all."

Others apparently had never heard of a student-athlete. "In short, I'm not convinced," added "mengyw."

"How could he finish all his courses when he had to train every day?"

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