Opera 'La Voix Humaine' takes the stage at The Red

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/10/18 17:28:39

Soprano Naomi Beeldens(3rd from right) Photo: Courtesy of BMF

For three nights, Belgium's opera company Muziektheater Transparant will bring the one-act opera La Voix Humaine to The Red in Beijing from Thursday to Saturday as part of the ongoing Beijing Music Festival.

According to Zou Shuang, assistant program director of BMF, the opera, another attempt to bring something different to the festival, was composed by French composer Francis Poulenc on the basis of a written work by Jean Cocteau, France's famous writer, designer, playwright, artist and filmmaker.

The storyline is simple - a woman makes one final attempt to get back her lover through a desperate telephone conversation. She gradually falls into despair after she finds out her lover has chosen to be with someone else.

According to the troupe's introduction, a dancer in the background gives shape to the absent lover, while the pianist and composer Jeroen Malaise brings Poulenc's score impressively to life.

Director Wouter Van Looy said that he tried to focus on the acting in the performance in order to help the audience to understand the woman's story.

In addition, modern stage designs and lighting will also be used to capture the intimate feeling of the woman struggling in her bedroom, where the story takes place.


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