Xi's CPC congress speech fills Chinese public with profound admiration

By Cao Siqi Source:Global Times Published: 2017/10/19 20:38:39 Last Updated: 2017/10/19 22:38:53

People from all walks of life inspired by leader’s thought on ‘new era’

A village official from the city of Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province (second from right) explains the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to his fellow villagers on Thursday. Photo: IC

As one of the most important global political events, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has generated wide attention from the Chinese public, with people from all walks of life watching the opening session.

General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping delivered a 3.5-hour speech at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Wednesday morning. The opening ceremony was aired live on various platforms across the nation and pictures online showed rural folk, doctors, travelers, migrant workers, students, prisoners, and monks sitting in front of TVs watching Xi's address.

The Global Times has learned that Party organizations at different levels organized their members to watch the ceremony and study Xi's speech. High school teachers, college students, government employees were also gathered together to watch the ceremony.

At a kindergarten in Yangzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province, a teacher surnamed Li told the Global Times that she assembled children in her class to watch the ceremony so that they can learn about China's great accomplishments and feel proud to be Chinese.

"By telling them that the congress is about the country's future and the future is all about them, some of the children enthusiastically asked me how they could become a congress delegate," Li said.  

Rural residents were also involved in the congress. The Chengdu Business Daily reported that residents of Atule'er village in Sichuan Province, dubbed the "cliff village" as it precariously lies above a cliffy mountain, watched the ceremony on television and cellphones. The village gained 4G network access last year.

The "cliff village" is home to 72 ethnic Yi families who have to climb down 17 ladders made from tree branches and vines to get in and out of the village. Photos show residents watching the ceremony on their cellphones sitting or standing on the ladders.

Online sensation

The Party congress and Xi's highlighted quotes have also quickly spread on Chinese social media, becoming a major topic on the Internet. A post, which complimented Xi for standing over three hours without taking a rest to read 32,440 words while drinking water only once, went viral on WeChat.

The post said during his speech, Xi never made any mistakes and always maintained focus.

Data from New Media, a magazine published by the Cyberspace Administration of China, showed that topics about the "19th CPC National Congress" on Sina Weibo have been viewed 520 million times and received 175,000 comments as of press time.

"During his speech, Xi mentioned 'the new era for socialism with Chinese characteristics' several times. The congress is not only a crucial political meeting, but also sends an important signal about the social trend in the next 30 years. It matters to every person in terms of living prospects, housing and healthcare. That made it extremely attractive to the Chinese public," Zhu Lijia, a professor of public management at the Chinese Academy of Governance, told the Global Times on Thursday.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China has invested heavily to eliminate poverty. Rural residents are especially keen on the congress, as they hope to know the future policies that could benefit and change their lives, Zhu said.


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