With new leadership, China sets off again

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/10/25 23:48:39

Xi Jinping led other newly elected members of the Standing Committee of the 19th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee Political Bureau to meet the press Wednesday. A new leadership with Xi as the core was unveiled at the first plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, which complies with the aspirations of the people and greatly encourages the public. The 19th CPC National Congress and the first plenary session came to a successful conclusion.

It's time for the CPC and the Chinese people to roll up their sleeves and work hard. The guiding ideology and goals have been entrenched for the new era, a new leadership elected and the whole country is in high morale. China is standing at a new starting point.

After decades of hard work since reform and opening-up in 1978, and especially after five years of comprehensive deepening reform since the 18th Party Congress, today's China is stronger with its political path clearer and its people more confident than ever. China has clearer vision and a broader mind-set than before and is confident of the development path leading to the future.

The superiority of the Chinese system was fully manifested at the 19th CPC National Congress. The CPC made mistakes in the past, but has drawn lessons from them. The CPC's governance has avoided the internal partisan struggle and populist politics that are often seen in many other countries. The resources and energy of Chinese society have been fairly and fully utilized for the country's development.

Xi made a series of commitments five years ago: for instance strengthening Party discipline, fighting corruption, showing concern for people's expectations of a better education, higher-quality healthcare, more comfortable living conditions and a more beautiful environment. The CPC and the country have been earnestly fulfilling these promises over the last five years. Some have been fulfilled beyond expectation or are being implemented. Xi has kept his promises. Such a leader and such a party are trustworthy.

Xi elaborated to people the direction and focus for the next five years' work. People have reasons to believe these solemn commitments will be fulfilled in five years.

The CPC shares its destiny with China and shoulders indefinite responsibility for the country. In the West, if a political party messes up, it can dodge the blame by relinquishing power and bounce back a few years later. The CPC has nowhere to pass the buck and thus must try its utmost to fix the things that people care about. This sense of mission is ingrained in the Chinese system.

China has a different system from the West. In a race to see which system develops faster and improves lives better, most people in the world can see clearly now which system wins, despite different starting points and development scenarios. At least the Chinese people are clear now.

Many people in the West don't accept China's advantage in organizing major projects. To them, it is a result of China's autocratic institutions. But they don't understand that this advantage lies in the fact that the CPC and people share the same interests. The intention of the CPC has been repeatedly proved by facts and time.

China sets off again at a time when some other countries are mired in partisan politics and elite-populist conflagrations. In five years, facts will speak louder than words.

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