Former US president Obama in Chicago as would-be juror

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/11/9 8:37:49

Former US President Barack Obama arrived in downtown Chicago Wednesday morning, but this time as a prospective juror.

Obama was spotted while being escorted by secret service agents from his house on the south side of Chicago to a court building in the city center.

Obama, only one of the would-be jurors at this stage, will be reportedly paid 17.20 US dollars a day for his service.

He is not the first former US president to be considered for jury service.

George W. Bush reported for jury duty in Dallas, Texas in 2015. But he was not picked to serve as a juror.

Bill Clinton also appeared as a prospective juror in a federal court in Manhattan, New York City in 2003, though he was not selected either to sit on a jury.

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