Figuratively speaking

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/9 16:28:39

40 - the proportion of films produced in Beijing in percentage. Beijing produces over 300 films annually, which accounts for 40 percent of the national total. Operation Mekong (2016), Wolf Warriors II (2017), Never Say Die (2017) and other blockbusters are all from Beijing. In the last five years, Beijing has ranked the highest in moviegoers per capita in China, and citizens attend the movies on average 2.8 times per capita per year. Beijing has 222 cinemas with 1,406 screens in all 16 districts, and one screen serves about 15,500 people. The national average is 32,000 people per screen.

4 - the number of boutique street gardens that are going to be built up in Sanlitun Village. Since Sanlitun Village began its renovation of houses and stores, the buildings have returned to their original appearance, offering residents a multicultural neighborhood equipped with 24-hour libraries, beautiful flower beds and so on. Sanlitun Village closed 258 illegal stores earlier this year, replacing them with open spaces and gardens in response to the Beijing Municipal government's call for "four centers" construction. Before the illegal stores were closed, about 70 of the 100 residents on the street moved away. Many of them have moved back since the environment has greatly improved.

60 - the number of times that a man named Zhang is suspected of evading the freeway toll. From October 21, 2014 to January 5, 2016, Zhang cheated the highway toll collection booth by driving close the car in front when the lifter fell slowly. Zhang skipped out on paying the toll almost 60 times before he was caught, racking up an unpaid bill of over 4,000 yuan. He gave himself up to the police on October 20 and confessed to everything. The prosecutor warns citizens to follow the laws and regulations of the country and not to try to escape the duty by trickery.

320,000 - the amount of money a mother spent trying to buy her child a spot in a good primary school. Since last year, a woman surnamed Liu has been trying to gain admission into a good primary school for her child. An educational agent in Chaoyang district promised that 320,000 yuan ($48,261) could buy her child entry. Liu believed the agent and paid the amount but did not get an admission letter. The police have advised the two parties to take legal action to solve the problem.


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