Delivery pain

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/10 5:03:41

Illustrations: Peter C.Espina/GT

The online shopping spree on November 11, known as "Double Eleven" arrives. It is estimated that this year the entire express industry will be dealing with up to 1 billion packages during the shopping spree. This means joy for shoppers, but more work for deliverymen. Chen Wenbin, who has worked for 13 months in the industry in Beijing, had to deliver at least 200 parcels per day after the "Double Eleven" shopping day last year, and his record was 270 packages in 15 hours. Chen said this year there would be a 30 percent rise in the number of deliveries, which means for each courier there will be around 300 packages to deliver every day. But what worries Chen, like many other colleagues, is not the workload, but the complaints of customers and damages for minor mistakes. This may even surpass their salary. While we have fun shopping, we'd better show more respect and understanding for these hard-working people, and make their efforts pay off. That's what an inclusive society is supposed to be.

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