2017 International Forum on Life Rehabilitation Medicine opens

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/10 16:13:39

Medical experts during the forum Photo: Courtesy of Life Times

The 2017 International Forum on Life Rehabilitation Medicine was held in Beijing on November 8. It was organized by health newspaper Life Times, Hangzhou Financial Investment and Luke Medical. Many experts, government officials, representatives from local hospitals all over the country and financial insurance companies attended the forum.

Life rehabilitation medicine is a new topic and is hoped to become a pioneer in the revolutionization of China's medical system. It will form an intact industry chain combining many medical and financial services, including rehabilitation tourism, rehabilitation hospitals, online diagnosis, health media, payment and insurance.

Michael Chami, vice president of the US-China Charity Foundation, gave a speech during the forum in which he showed attendees how to send high-level rehabilitation patients in the US to local hospitals in China.

"Through practice, I found that rehabilitation medicine is a new formation that can be promoted all over the world and provide better health services for people with subhealth," he said.

The organizers of the forum gave letters of appointment and membership certificates to some of the experts and hospitals present. Many financial institutes also showed support and said they would cooperate with public hospitals in the future to help the hospitals set up rehabilitation centers and promote a life rehabilitation medicine system in the country.


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