Baltimore city's violence "out of control"

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/11/10 18:35:21

The mayor of the northeastern US city of Baltimore said Thursday that the city's violence is "out of control," after more than 300 murders have been reported in the city this year.

"I want every neighborhood to know I am extremely concerned and focused on reducing violence," Mayor Catherine Pugh said.

Pugh directed 30 agency heads to meet at the police headquarters every morning to come up with a collective plan to curb the violence, and tasked city administrators to weed out the drug trade and promote jobs.

Baltimore has become one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, registering more than 300 murders for three years in a row, averaging more than one each day.

"We must do everything we can," Pugh said. "We've already hit 303 murders, which is totally unacceptable ... We know we can do better."

Baltimore has been struggling financially to maintain an adequate police force to maintain order. The city's police force shrunk in recent years while crime rates have climbed.

Pugh said she has called on businesses and charities to fund 10 million US dollars to promote a safe streets program, an initiative to create safe zones in some neighborhoods through more public service and community watch programs.

Aside from government efforts, Baltimore residents have organized several "ceasefire" movements since May, which all collapsed.

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