2017 Life Link More focuses on trends

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/13 19:28:40

A booth at the 2017 Life Link More event Photo: Courtesy of 2017 Life Link More

The 2017 Life Link More took place in Beijing on November 5. The event drew the participation of several industrial representatives who shared their thoughts about the changing lifestyle and new business opportunities in the science, commerce, culture, and art sectors in the escalating trend of human consumption.

The participating representatives included the deputy president of JD.com Zhao Yingming, the chairman and general manager of EBA (Beijing) Asset Management Co., Ltd Chen Hongfei, the founder of the Haiquan Fund and famous Chinese singer Hu Haiquan, the chairman of Beijing 798 Creative Industry Investment Company Wang Yanling, the president of the Parkview Museum Chen Lvsheng, and the editor-in-chief of CBNweekly Zhao Jia.

Guests and representatives during the 2017 Life Link More event Photo: Courtesy of 2017 Life Link More

Chen said that in the face of new lifestyle pursuits, the traditional industries, including commercial real estate, can only achieve mutual benefits for both buyers and sellers through the use of the big data, a commercial mindset and revolutionary services.

Zhao was more specific about the trigger behind the trend. "The population aged from 20 to 45 are the new and the most active group who can represent the future consumption trend in the first-tier cities in China," Zhao said. "They are putting quality at the top of everything, while also chasing characteristics and creativity. They are all experts in consumption, and they care about stylishness, service and experience."

The famous singer Hu Haiquan at the event Photo: Courtesy of 2017 Life Link More

Phoenix TV's composer Xu Gehui agreed on the growing potential of the new consumption groups. She said that a 30-year-old white collar worker in a first-tier city in China would spend about 35,000 yuan ($5,269) a year on painting and other activities that they feel passionate about.

An exhibition comprising up to 30 different activities and covering the fields of tea, musical instruments, virtual reality technology and craftsmanship was also held during the event. All these activities were supported by companies who wanted to attract customers with their special products, services and ideas. Phoenix also launched a report on humanistic consumption in collaboration with several other international consulting companies. The report suggests that consumers now care more about experience, aesthetics and emotional appeal than functionality when buying things. The pursuit of quality, knowledge, characteristics, interaction and experience are the five most substantial points in the mindset of today's consumers.


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